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Mam Tor Sunset with Sheep and Path - A2 Framed Print

Mam Tor Sunset with Sheep and Path - A2 Framed Print

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  • History of Eyeworth Pond

    Eyeworth Pond is a man-made pond located in the New Forest, England. It was created in the 19th century by the Boldre Parish Council for the purpose of providing a source of clean drinking water for the local community. The pond is fed by several streams and is surrounded by woodland, making it a popular spot for visitors to the area.

    In addition to its practical use as a source of water, Eyeworth Pond has also been a site of recreational activity for many years. In th

  • Packing and Shipping

    All Limited edition prints come framed in either a white or black frame. The mounts are custom cut and printed using a Canon Pro 1000 printer. The paper is 300 gsm, 100% cotton, acid free. The printing process uses pigments, rather than inks as well as sealing with a "Chroma Optimizer". Lastly an NFC sticker is added with a unique code associated to the print number. For more information click here to see the printing and packing process.

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